July 5, 2013
by Benjamin Locher

Top 10: Our Year in Tanzania

We have arrived safely back home from Tanzania. It’s been wonderful to see our families and friends and to celebrate our arrival in America. But Dodoma has become our second home, and there are many people and things we already miss. So we thought we would share with you the top 10 list of things we left behind in Dodoma, complete with photos!… continue reading


May 14, 2013
by Elizabeth Locher

A Weekend in Chisichili Village

Last Sunday we spent the weekend at Chisichili village, about an hour southeast of Msalato. Chisichili village is the home of our friend Robert Jacob, a first year theology student who does gardening for us. Robert’s father is the pastor of the parish, where he leads worship for three different congregations.


We travelled by dalladalla (local van/buses) and car to get to the village, and once we arrived we got a tour of the area.… continue reading

The students and staff of Msalato Theological College.

March 12, 2013
by Elizabeth Locher
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Habari za Tanzania (News of Tanzania)

We have just recently passed the 6 month mark since our arrival in Dodoma, Tanzania, and it has been a really incredible time so far. Although we have moved from one nation’s capital to another, it has been a big shift. Dodoma is a small city, and though it has a couple traffic circles to help us feel at home, there aren’t even any stoplights.… continue reading

St. Michael Defeating Satan

February 28, 2013
by Benjamin Locher
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The Victory of God

Here at Msalato, we include a short sermon at Morning Prayer on Monday and Fridays — no longer than four minutes. Here is my first attempt at a sermon.


May I speak to you in the Name of the One, True, and Living God – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Nilitaka kuhubiri katika Kiswahili, lakini nilihitaji dakika ishirini kuandika sentensi hii moja.… continue reading


February 1, 2013
by Elizabeth Locher


I thought I would describe some of the adventures we have had over here with local animals. We saw all sorts of animals during the last month while we were travelling in South Africa and Zanzibar, but we’ve had plenty of interesting encounters here in Dodoma, as well.


From the first day we arrived in our new house, we discovered that we had roommates.… continue reading

All Saints

November 8, 2012
by Elizabeth Locher

For all the Saints

Last Thursday, Ben and I worked with Professor Bob Hughes of Sewanee to celebrate a Eucharist for the Feast of All Saints. All Saints Day is on the liturgical calendar in the Anglican Church of Tanzania, but the seminary had not had a service scheduled. We decided to organize a Eucharist and invite any members of the community who were interested in joining us in commemorating the saints of the Church and singing “For all the saints” – Ben’s favorite hymn.continue reading


November 4, 2012
by Benjamin Locher

240 New Siblings

When Father Peter Fumbi graduated from Msalato Theological College last year, he immediately set out to spread the good news of Jesus Christ.  He did such a good job that he came back (just four months later) to ask for help baptizing the multitudes that had flocked to his church.  He said there were a few dozen waiting to be baptized.… continue reading

Everyone - Copy

September 26, 2012
by Elizabeth Locher
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Answering the Call

This last Sunday we saw 14 new deacons ordained for the Diocese of Central Tanganyika. It was a very exciting day, and it was particularly exciting that I knew one of the ordinands, Revocatus, who had come to visit VTS last January with other Msalato students.

Each of these new deacons will be sent out to serve villages in the diocese.… continue reading

Preparing for class

September 15, 2012
by Elizabeth Locher

Two weeks of teaching

I must start this post with a confession. Despite the 20 years I have spent in school, I truly never realized just how much work it is to be a teacher. But to all my former teachers and all my friends who teach: it’s finally sinking in. Thank you for all the amazing work that you do.

It has now been two weeks since I taught my first class at the seminary here.… continue reading